....They are few, but we WILL enforce them.
First and foremost.........KEEP IT PRIMITIVE!!
There is a 1 hour limit on getting your mule unpacked and into the parking corral. Vehicles in camp are a big disruption. Your cooperation is appreciated.
NO loaded weapons in camp.
NO early set-ups unless you are pre-registered. (Early setup is the weekend before the rendezvous.) 
NO pets, ** This includes visitors.** If you can't ride it or eat it, don't bring it.
NO unmanned fires. Keep a bucket of water at hand for us to use to put out your fire should we find it unattended. This rule will be heavily enforced.
Be sure to make provisions for extra water near your fire in case it is needed.
NO flash cameras after dark. They disrupt the primitive atmosphere.
“Spider Web Inn” will be closed to all campers under the age of 18 years at 9PM” on Friday and Saturday nights. During off hours, “Spider Web Inn” will be off limits to all campers under the age of 18 years. All primitive traders welcome. There is no extra charge.
Visitors hours are from 9 AM to 4 PM sharp. If you are not in primitive attire after 4 PM, you will be asked to leave.
Camp information will be posted at the Gate, Inn and Hooters.

Our Gate will open and close during the following times:
Thursday and Friday:  Our gate open at 7:00 AM and close at 7:00 PM.
Saturday: Our gate open at 8:00 AM and close at 10:00 AM.

Our Registration Shack will open and close during the following times:
Thursday: Registration Shack opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 3:00PM
Friday: Registration Shack opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 5:00PM
Saturday: Registration Shack opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 10:00AM
All medallions and tent ribbons must be picked up during those hours.

Please adjust your arrival times.
This preserves our Atmosphere and gives our working club folks a rest.

Please Note!!!! There will NO early set ups unless you are pre-registered.
Early set ups can begin on the Saturday before the event.

Our shooting and throwing schedule starts on Thursday (members only) and finishes on Saturday. Prizes and plaques will be awarded around 10:00 AM Sunday.
Click here for rules relating to shooting events. (go to the bottom of this page)
We ask that parents keep control of their children, remembering that all farm buildings and the woods outside the registration booth (shooting ranges) are "Off Limits". Safety must come before their fun and adventure.

We have several events to compete in:

If any problems arise, our Dog Soldiers will be walking the camp from time to time and will help in any way they can.

Camp Fees:
Pre-registered Campers:                                     $35
Campers at the Gate:                                           $40

There is no charge for children under 18


Cutoff date for pre-registration for the Rendezvous is four weeks before the start of the rendezvous.
Please make checks to OVPR, and mail to our purser.
Paul Brockman
1444 Deer Creek Drive
Bedford, VA 24523-4824

You will find at OVPR rendezvous:
* A nice Trader's Row
*Noon Day Gathering for our Ladies to socialize
*In the Woods Camping
*Wood Provided
*Spring Water
*Bon Fire at Night
*We'll provide BBQ'ed Chicken on Saturday evening, prepared by our world famous team of chicken experts
*Entertainment at Spider Web Inn on Friday night.

We hope everyone will have a wonderful time at OVPR. We are making all attempts to put on the best Rendezvous in the East.

1 Non-magnifying Diaopters and focusing apertures MAY be used on all ranges.
This is a departure from previous rules and has been decided by OVPR club members.
The primary purpose of this is to allow our mature members to keep shooting.
2. NO Loaded Guns leave the Range, Period.
You may leave the gun at the registration entrance of the range and go back into camp for tools, if you need them.
3. 3 hammer falls is a miss, unless specified by the target description. For example, a thrown clay pigeon would be a simulated hunting shot and a single hammer fall.
4. Absolutely no non-shooting observers on the range, unless they are range assistants
No Spectators!
5. No slings will be used as a steadying aid. If your gun has a sling, it swings in the breeze.
6. No Amber or other color shooting glasses. Photogrey lenses on prescription glasses are permitted.
7. No sharing of guns. Only one person uses any one gun at any time on any range. Two people using the same gun causes the shooting to slow and creates bottlenecks
8. All competitors, 14 years and under will be considered as “Junior” shooter and all 15 years and older will be considered “Adult” shooters. Both will be eligible to compete in Grand Aggregate events.